"Beautiful British Columbia"

I don't like flying at the best of times so you can imagine the joy I experienced when I was told that my flight (via every airport in America) to Vancouver was canceled because the plane had no oxygen. However all clouds do really have a silver linings as I was then rerouted onto a first class direct flight to Vancouver WHOOP WHOOP.

The number plates on the cars here say "Beautiful British Columbia" and dude, totally spot on!!! The view of the Rockies as my plane flew in was BEAUTIFUL and this place is massively green and (wait for it) there is not a snowdrift in sight. However I never thought I would have that much of a adjustment as it may be 3000 miles away from Montreal yet is it still the same country; however I am currently dealing with the head mash speaking English rather than the Franglais I had been so accustomed to "back home."

As my five month summer kicks off (jealous?) I'm adjusting to life as a human climbing frame for my "cousins" Henry, aged 6, and Charlotte, 7 and a half (I forgot how important half years were to kids and heaven forbid I actually say that she was 7). I also use the word cousin in the loosest of senses because they are more like 3rd cousins once removed however when you have a family the size of mine, 3rd cousins once removed are actually considered to be close relatives. Yet the sights have been amazing so far (despite the rain) and hopefully I wont kill Alan (dad) before the end of my trip as currently I have him doing 5km runs with me so I don't get lost in the Vancouver countryside and Louise (mum) wont kill me with the quantities of her home brew I am currently consuming.

Jen arrives in Vancouver later today so the trip can really start whoop whoop. Let the madness continue. xxxx

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