Becoming a machine

Bianca left our midst a while ago now on her mission to become a RAF machine and oh how we mocked her. Well obviously someone "up there" was listening because I have been coerced into the Bath Half Marathon in March of next year by both Bliss and the other residents of the basement flat. The fact I have to pay £35 race entry to personally inflict pain on myself never mind the small fortune that has been subsequently thrown at bright pink lycra and pimped up running trainers ....... hummmm totally going to live to regret this ....... or so I thought!!! I've become a little obsessed and although we have a serious long way to go (exactly 20 weeks and 1 day to be precise) before long I'm quite sure that we'll be on the way to become the dictionary definition of MACHINES. And if not, then I'll have a jolly nice collection of lycra to show for my efforts.

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