Among many things and so much work this past week I caught up with two friends in Stockholm; Heta and Kim. Heta is a Brit trapped in a Finish body. She is one of the original immigrants who I studied with at HEC in Canadaland. A total gem. The last time I saw her was December 2007 so 14 months ago, but it was like we had never been apart. I met Kim on a bus just outside San Fransisco when Jenna and I were travelling in the USA. He has crazy hair. Enough said. (Its quite hard to write friend biographies.....)

I like Sweden although my waist line doesn't agree with the number of chocolate Daim bars I managed to consume in such a small period of time. However despite how beautiful everything looked covered in snow (including my shoulders when running), Sweden made me feel uncomfortable; I've never really spent time in a country where I don't speak the language and having to guilty admit you don't understand a single thing anyone mutters at you gets kinda embarassing even when you are British and people almost expect linguistical inability.

Depending on the kindness of strangers can be a interesting activity and really tells you a lot about a person. Depending on the kindness of friends is equally as interesting because it tells you if you were right about them or not. Kim has really nice friends.

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Why did you not tell me you were coming to Stockholm? We could have got pa drunk at breakfast time again and then let him drive home. Dangerzone. Erik

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