Surfer dude

Surfing is the act of riding down a breaking wave, gathering speed from the downward and forward movement. It also translates to extreme hilarity when I'm involved as despite the number of lessons I've had and the time invested by my loyal and extremely patient friends I still suck, bad! The first photo is of me learning to surf when I was about 8 or so. The other 2 are of my friend Gen who is a kickass surfer of whom I am insanely jealous as she is the epitome of cool. Alas I am more of a "all the gear but no idea" type of gal, so in effect I look exactly like I know what I'm doing until I get in the water. Hummm.... we can't all be cool now can we ;-)

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melly said...

Haha yeah i wish i was cooler, aloof, nonchalant and able to surf, but we can't all be cool people in these world!

The last two photos make me want to be in the water again, love them.

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