I seem to have a lot of photos of signs. I'm strange. Maybe the signs are more interesting because a fair few are in Italian? Perhaps you can pretend they say more interesting things when in reality it is only a post-it note informing you that the cook has prepared iced tea and put it in the fridge.


(This last one is not mine.... it's a homeless photo.... any ideas?)


Isabel said...

Hey, thanks for the blog comment. I totally know what you mean! The part where Ginny hides the Potions book for Harry instead of him hiding beside the wizard's bust, wig and diadem of Ravenclaw? That should not have happened, as it's absolutely crucial to the plot of the 7th book!

moto said...

haha hilarious :D

Gaia said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. What you said about bikes, baskets, men and pink! I love riding my bike and I can do it only here. Back to the city I won't do it, to dangerous and a lot of smog!

.girl ferment. said...

i like this little collection of signs
thank you

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