When in Rome...

A picture guide to Rome, from a native* :
Don't spend you're vacation with your nose in a guide book, just roam (get it?!)
Dress like a Roman!
Sample the local brew.
Deface some priceless 2000-year-old Roman sculpture.
Visit the Pantheon, it's breathtaking!
Place your hand in La Bocca della Verità (in English, "the Mouth of
Truth") but don't tell a lie or it will bite off your hand. No jokes.
Light a candle in one of Rome's 900 churches.
Check out the guards at the Vatican city, they wear the best uniforms.
Run down the spiral staircase in the Vatican museum.
Join a flock of tourists and snap snap snap in front of the Colosseum.
Make a wish at the Trevi fountain
BUT don't forget to send me a postcard!


YAIYA said...

So beautiful, I wanna go there too

Giorgio said...

Your photos are awesome, you really know how to use your camera! It seems you really enjoyed your Italy trip! This summer I spent 3 weeks in Yorkshire studying your language, that's why I'm sending you this comment, we've something in common someway! Well, take care, greetings from Sicily! Giorgio.

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