A bear went over the mountain ... to see what he could see

We have sucessfully integrated ourselves into the inner circle of Lycee Militaire life, which essentially means that if I need booze at 3pm I know who to ask or what cupboards to raid. My students have copped onto my love (and need) for cheese thus have taken to stealing it from the canteen and bringing it as a bribe for lesser homework (and for the record it totally works). Dudes, cheese is massivley the 21st century apple.

Sooooo, not only have we now taken part in the school x-country (note to readers : seriously hilarious photos to come) but we tagged along to the annual Prepa initiation ceremony whereby the new students (and us language assistants) have to climb the nearby Mont Saint Victoire in lycra at a supersonic speed. Imagine Lord of the Rings crossed with Ants and throw in a little Cool Runnings for the sake of it and you have pretty much got it down.
Nat, Stephanie and I (the other English and German assistants)
At the summit
Mountain snacks.
Phillipe, one of many (but by far my favourite) militaires at school

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