I no longer go out in the daylight. My week in photos!

Friday night
A spot of late night Christmas shopping

Saturday night
Dinner at Rach's with Pierre

Sunday night
Night time walks around town with Nat and Hakim
Monday night
Fireworks at school
Tuesday night
The school nativity
Wednesday morning
Officially the only morning I've seen this week however its not because
I got up earlier, its more a case of getting home very very late!
The first frost
Wednesday night
Secret Santa present exchange
Thursday night
The school comedy


JenPen said...

nice photos :) i think the photography lessons are paying off, well impressed by the fireworks ones and the bauble!

Luna : said...

thanks jenpen, hehe ill be snap happy when im back on tuesday... how long are you in the ikls, can we sit and watch some tyra plz xxx

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