And what if I did have a book down my trousers?

Apparently Wednesdays in Allan in January and not the same as Wednesdays in Allan in July ... you're meant to close your eyes and imagine sun, heat and lavender (but under no circumstances are you to think skipping). However in my humble opinion Wednesdays in Allan in January as just as nice as those in July, especially when it means life involves hot chocolate, castles, ice-skating in Converse, whole meals consisting of cheese and sunsets.

Despite the fact that Provence is currently "spoiling" us with weather parallel to that of Siberia, life manages to continue in the most charming of ways proving once again that continential Europe need not shut down for 3 inches of white power falling from the sky! Thanks P!


Anonymous said...

wow you are so lucky to be in Provence! That first photo looks so delicate. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

de rien ma belle, ce fut un plaisir!

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