Il vaut mieux être bourré que con, ça dure moins longtemps ...

Military balls and Lorna don't mix; in fact merely posting these photos is bringing back far too many haunting memories. It's astonishing to think that 4 pretty girls in seriously uncomfortable heels could create so much destruction. I woke up at 8am in my bed, still in my dress with makeup smeared all over my face, surrounded by Pringles and snuggled next to my flat mates; none of us remember why or how we got back there but we all unfortunately remember the major embarrassing moments of the evening. Dam I need to start acting my age. On a slightly related tangent, I need to move house or on the less extreme find a new place to take photos of us all, fire extinguishers in the corridor outside my place hardly add to the glam outfit vibe we were trying for, grrrr!

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