There are many many things I have done in my life and should probably regret but then my life would be so much more boring without having done them ... donning a swimming costume and goggles in front of 800 of my students and 40 military personnel and swimming in my school swimming gala is probably one of these activities. Apparently I swim like a 'fer à repasser' (an iron) which is the French equiv of swimming like a rock, but hey, dignity was created to be lost, non?

I spent an hour pre swim taking photos with the above camera (a Nikon D700 belonging to my very trusting photography teacher) and lets just say I don't think I will ever be able to look at my little Cannon 450D in the same way!

Oh and by the way; that last photo is about as much swimming costume exposure you're going to get, donning a cossie in front of 800 students is one thing, but putting them online, ha, do you think I'm totally stupid?! In fact, don't answer that ...

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