Today I am officially 24 years and 1 week old. Normally the 1 week after the birthday is a time for panic as most famously I discovered I was going grey exactly 1 week after my 22 birthday (its a funny story; I was straightening my hair in a very very dodgy motel room in Panama City Florida whilst on Spring Break having drunk the majority of a bottle of Vodka mixed with Mountain Dew, goooooooood drink. Anyway, I found the greys, and Jenna, instead of being the supportive friend I needed after discovering such a shocking thing aged only 22 and 1 week, laughed, a lot. The night proceeded in a rather kamakaze mannor involving a totempole... ). Sooo being 24 and 1 week I was expecting some extreme aging incident, but turns out, it was just a pleasureable weekend of skiing.
The above photos are from my birthday party last week. We ate pizza, went bowling (I had cravings for the 1990's and really really ugly shoes okay!) and then my flat mates organised an outside nighttime tea party with candels and cake etc. Growing up isn't so bad after all.

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Anonymous said...

The totempole and I remain good friends.
Vodka and I have fallen out today.

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