Over and out


Winter is officially over (it's like 19 degrees today in Aix) and although I have long been impatient to break out my Birkenstocks and banish my winter coat to the deepest darkest depths of my military issue metal wardrobe I have to say that this winter has been quite an incredible one!

I have spent two glorious weeks over the past 3 months skiing in the French Alps with the lycee and the patience and dedication of my then monitors, but now great friends never failed to amaze me. The English girl did good, and can now ski like a French girl however there is only so much abuse one can take for being English and apparently singlehandedly responsible for my countries failure at most team sports. Also, despite my efforts, I still can’t manage that “looking remotely attractive in the snow” vibe which most Frenchies manage; I much prefer to channel the abominable snowman look.

So these are my favourite snaps of winter; woolly hats, snowmen, an English White Christmas (the first in a decade), and of course a bit of skiski.

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