Of late

A few random pics from my last fortnight in England. I've been "stuck" in Yorkshire for a week now because of the volcano and I know there are much worse places in the world to be stuck but I would rather be stuck in somewhere hot ... like Madagascar ;-) Being home means reverting back to a strict 8 cups of tea a day diet and catching up on all the dodgy literature I wouldn't usually been seen in public reading (Dan Brown books are a guilty pleasure of mine ... very very guilty pleasure)! I've just put a lemon cake in the oven so I'm going to work on getting fatter. Laterz xx


tinypaperheart said...

pretty braid :)

Meggstatus said...

I got my hat at Salvation Army and paid $3 for it. It's a much better deal than American Apparel.

This doesn't look like too bad of a place to be stuck.

Lady Grey said...

Lovely blog : )
I actually like that book collection you've got going there... nice and eclectic! The shipping news was quite good, I thought, and the Sartorialist is fabulous of course!

Annabel said...

Love the cute braid :)

Passport Smiles said...

Ha. Yeah, I was in London with all the volcano mess. People were going crazy being stuck abroad. I was thinking, chill, enjoy the extra vacation time!

P.S. Like your blog. I'm also a 24 year old traveler who likes posting photos.

selina said...

lemon cake sounds really yummy!
is the book - the piano teacher, nice? I came across the book but still unsure whether I should get it.

Luna : said...

i enjoyed the piano teacher more than i thought i would. expected it to be a cliched ex-pat love story but there were a few interesting twists and fair bit of history relating to the war and the bombing of pearl harbour etc. if you can get your hands on a copy i'd say it's worth a read selina!

Raez said...

aw! very sweet photos, i love the braid and books one!

xx raez

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