Feline fear

People always give me a "are you a heartless monster who likes eating children for breakfast ..." kinda of look when I tell them I don't like cats. I can't help it. It's all Walt Disney's fault ... those two dam scary siamese beasts in Lady and the Tramp ... I'm getting shivers just thinking about them!


melly said...

Naw, I have many friends who don't like cats as well. But I do get upset when people compare cats and dogs and be all yes-dog!

Second Wind photography said...

hehe....I love cats so much...but...I don't like dogs!! ^^so I understand you :)

Luna : said...

i am better with them now that i used to be, and i dont think i could compare them to dogs, its like comparing a carrot to a watermelon (strange analogy) but what i mean to say is worlds apart!

Grass said...

Soèi was just checking you out most of the time - and you were really cool when she jumped up and decided to sit on you....sorry about that - great photo though Shell will be pleased that Soèi thought you were okay!

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