Chop up your fish into nice bitesize pieces
(haddock is a good European substitute).

Cut up and squeeze a lot of limes for their JUICE.

Chop some coriander. But not your fingers.

Add the fish, then coriander, then lime juice into a bowl.
This order is important. Don't you dare put the lime juice first.

Add diced green chillies to taste.

Mix it all up with some chopped red onion. A bit of tongue always helps.

Whilst you leave the fish to marinade. Prepare the Pisco Sours.

It's a seriously deadly yet yummy cocktail.

The fish will actually cook in the lime juice so after maybe 10 to 15 mins
of marinading/cooking its time to serve up the no longer raw dinner.
Add a side of sweet potato mash and enjoy.
My life is always full of funny and slightly complicated interconnected people and events. Alejandro is my former roommate from Montreal who is currently also living in Aix-en-Provence, France. He is originally from Peru, not a stones through away from where I used to live in Mancora, Northern Peru. For his birthday a few weeks back we celebrated by making one of my favourite dishes from the region; ceviches.


allison said...

Ok first of all: this looks delicious and I'm so glad you have pictures and a description of how to make it because I've always wanted to.

Secondly, how in the world have you been able to travel so much? Your life sounds magical.

wishwishwish said...

eeek that looks too healthy for me! haha x

melly said...

I see ceviche being prepared on Top Chef all the time but thought it needed chef-like-skills to do. Seems like I can handle these few steps you listed! Fish, coriander, lime juice, gots it.

Raez said...

ah! that looks so so so good right now. yum, i think i will need to make this sometime.

xx raez

Abi-Anne said...

Your blog is so lovely! You're so well traveled and I love it! (although I have to say a little envious).Are you in Montreal right now? Such an inspiring city!

This looks so yummy and fresh! Might have to give it a try sometime.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come by more often ;)


Luna : said...

ceviches is really not too healthy carrie, especially when its followed by a lot of alcohol and chocolate ice cream ;-)

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