That box game

Have you ever played the cereal box game? The basic principal is that you have a cereal box (or a pizza box if coco pops don't float your boat) and you have to pick it up only using your mouth. Only your feet are allowed to touch the floor so you can't kneel down and just pick it up. As the game progresses inches of the box are cut off making it smaller and more difficult to pick up. Players are eliminated when then can no longer pick up the box or accidentally touch the floor with their hands/knees/bum etc. The winner is the last man standing who probably has some freaky flexibility skills and an unnatural ability to perform circus acrobat esque positions.
At one point during our game I did get a little competitive and went to change into my pyjama bottoms; my spray on jeans were a little too constraining BUT the costume change didn't help as victory went to two (unnaturally) flexible boys who managed to retrieve a tiny 1cm box off the ground! Despite the hilarity of it my muscles are still complaining; splits fail = owch!

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melly said...

Good gawd! 1cm off the floor, that's immense flexibility!

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