The boat

So I was a little nervous about getting the boat from Hull to Zeebrugge because the idea of a 31,598 ton metal mass floating on the North Sea perplexes and also petrifies me. The boat trip was actually pretty cool if not totally dead and both the departure and arrival landscape was totally barren leaving me with the opinion that I never ever want to live anywhere near a port. (Ps, one of the first things I did on board was to locate the life jackets, as you can see I was very happy when I'd found them!!!).


Barbara said...

i would be afraid too and would locate the life jackets just to feel a little bit better - even tough i would dye frozen - haha
your parents (i guess they are) on the other side look like they're having fun ;)

beautiful pics btw! hope you have a great weekend

Katy Howieson said...

loving this post it looks so fun. I am hosting another giveaway on katyhowieson.blogspot.com to win an embroidered bangle of mine - i know you entered the hairband comp on belle fantaisie earlier in the year. Love it if you could spread the word :) xx

Katie said...

Its quite funny that nowadays, going out to see on a huge, extremely heavy object... and flying in the air in something which logically doesn't seem like it could stay up, is quite 'normal' these days. What a strange world we live in!

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