Underwater camera experiment

I've been dying to use an underwater camera for years and I finally got the chance to use a cheap disposable one when I was in Gozo with the family last month. I was so excited about going to pick these photos up from the chemist and I'm really pleased how they came out even if we are decapitated or limbless in a few of the photos; I never thought it would be that hard trying to take photos underwater!!!


Barbara said...

oh cool!!! please take part of my analog project :) this are cool!!!

jackie said...

That sounds so fun! I've never used underwater camera before, I'll have to put that on my to-do-list!

melly said...

haha yeah! it's so darn hard to time a good shot underwater! these turned out nicely tho.

Luna : said...

thanks, glad its not just me who cant float and snap at the same time ;-)

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