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nice photos :D

Anonymous said...

Smell of fresh coffee and the best cappuccino in the world, homemade pies and cookies, birds singing and a sky having so many colors in the morning that you just don’t feel the need to define them. The perfection of the nature. This is what you hear, smell and touch in the morning having breakfast at Granaio dei Casabella, in Paestum, southern Italy.
The wonderful Mediterranean garden is the perfect place to relax in the lazy summer afternoons. Reading a book, with a glass of good wine from our wine cellar, at the shadow of the trees, surrounded by colors just makes you say : “ oh, my God, this is Paradise”.
And then the evenings… Seeing the Greek temples lighted by the moon, under a clear, warm sky, makes you feel that the time and the space do not exist. Because you feel part of another world, where the greatness of the human spirit is the main value.
Il Granaio dei Casabella is at only 5 min away from the wonderful temples of Paestum. Having 14 rooms is the most important thing for us, because it allows us to stay in touch and communicate with all our guest. They just feel at home here, surrounded by art and nature.
I would love to have you as our guest in our house. Meanwhile you can take a look on our website, www.ilgranaiodeicasabella.com and have an idea of how wonderful this place is.
Hope to hear soon from you
you can contact me at info@ilgranaiodeicasabella.com

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