So I’m not the only English representative here in Montreal, Scarlett and Jenna are also flying the flag for Bath and doing so in great style might I say so ladies!! Scarlett is probably the funniest person in the world; her purpose in life is no other than to make “Lorna feel normal” and our time here would be boring without her. Those of you who are yet to meet her are missing out, I might have said 'Ontario isn't very well publicised as the capital of Canada' but believe me Scarlett IS THE QUEEN OF THE QUOTE and here I choose to share a few of her funniest with you, love you babes!

Scarlett (to two canadian men on a terrace after half a barcadi breezer) "So do you have television in canada?"

Scarlett "Do you think there will be gorillas at the insecterium?"

Scarlett "Why sit on a chair when you cant sit on a person. Wisdom from a 0.5% alcohol can."

Scarlett "I hope i look like a porn star"

Scarlett "Ive got a friend whos an emu"

Scarlett "A camera is really like an eye isnt it"

Scarlett "What is it with men these days, they all need viagra"

Scarlett "Ice cream is seriously like eating cream that's been iced"

Scarlett "What's Niagara Falls? Is it a fountain thing?"

Scarlett “We are all going to die in 2012, it’s a well known fact.”

Scarlett “Do you recon we are all thin in heaven?”

This video however puts everything into perspective, Scarlett does know how many sides a triangle has :-)

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