Druken Janet!!!!

Ok, so I was thinking what I could indulge you all in for my next little story, and the truth is I don’t know where to start. Having a mentally exhausting week of lectures, both because I’ve become accustomed to doing sweet f a and also because of the main burden in my life, FRENCH. Saying that I had an epiphany today, no I didn’t see Jesus or whatever, I just came to understand that I’m here despite everything and yes they might all speak English but it doesn’t mean I have to speak to them in it so FRENCH ME UP. It was a risk coming to Canada, especially when all the other IMML's from Bath had chosen the France option however I know that my time here is going to greatly outweigh anything that Paris could have offered me. I've never been one to do it the easy way ;-)

Ok so serious thoughts out of the way, back to the drunken debauchery!!!!! CAFÉ CAMPUS is the haunt for a Tuesday night, yes people it is POOOOONANA of Montreal although without the legendary DJ and Bliss, Nomes and Ol by my side!! Last week generated some of the most embarrassing photos of my life which Scarl is currently fashioning on her facebook, believe me $7 pitchers were never a good invention!!! Last night it was Jenna claiming the crown as the drunkest person in the room, Lorna might have impersonated a wheelbarrow and fallen in a fountain in her time, but tipping a pint of beer over someone’s head, headbutting someone, sending some bloody funny text messages and having no idea how she got home never mind when, means she just clinches the title away from me. Congratulations. X

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Jenna said...

I would just like to point out that I did not headbutt anyone. 'Someone' quite aggresively pushed my head towards someone else's head, and I most definitely came off worse.

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