Prison or university?

I hate this place!!! Not only do I think my French is actually getting worse but my school subjects an unnecessary amount of pain on its students which is similar to that witnessed in locations such as Guantanamo Bay prison!!! Oh you may accuse me of being melodramatic but you weren't there!!! Tuesday was presentation day for my "Habiletés de direction" class however it wasn't an IMML "lets read straight off the piece of paper" presentation, oh no, they bloody well film you!!!! So I'm there, like a nervous wreck, in front of not only my class of non immigrants and my lecturer, but a bloody camera man wielding a microphone!!! And to add insult to injury I can now watch my presentation on the Internet and cringe further at my French accent and attemps of conviction as I write a self evaluation of my ordeal!!!

Ps Montreal I don't really hate you, I like you lots and lots and lots!!! Recovered from video camera ordeal with a night of tea and shisha, sat outside on one of the hottest september nights in the history of all time (ok I over exagerate a little but it was still like 30c). Tea.......ahhh hehe make me think of Bliss, Sophle and the converted Nomes when its NEIGHBOURS TIME, can't believe you never digged the tea Burrows!!!

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