Ségo, nous t'aimons!

Heta and I (chief immigrant geeks) went to Ségolène Royal's lecture at the University of Montreal today, whoop whoop! Talking about la francophonie, she created quite a stir, illustrated by the fact they could have filled the huge amphitheatre thrice over and the fact the tiny tiny French lady got mobbed as she tried to leave. Still clearly passionate about the environment and dressed to kill in (need i say it) Channel she didn't disappoint the crowd! Speaking about le francais apparently by 2050, 300 million people will speak French, and that French (alongside English) is the only language in the world spoken on every continent; "la francophonie, c’est un vaste pays sans frontière, c’est le pays de l’intérieur, c’est le pays de l’invisible, spirituel, mental, moral, qui est en chacun de nous."

HOWEVER I advise you all to steer clear of Heta who is never washing again (after shaking Ségo's hand post speech).

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