Aujourd'hui dans notre cours de français....

Today was our last installement of Karine (the "quebecois" teacher for all us "immigrants"). As per usual culture is the aim and confusion is the consequence but it's been an amazing opportunity to learn about a culture I didn't really realise existed before coming here. We watched some wicked comedy clips from a show called "Têtes à claques," it's got quite a Little Brtain vibe to it but obviously in quebecois;

So now I'm a quebecoise pro, I thought it's about time I gave you all a little insight into french-canadian French and illustrate that what they are speaking is not French, its just a lot of funny noises that sometimes maybe perhaps sound a little bit like French and a lot like English (they have soooo many anglocisims). So below I invite you to indulge in Lorna's whirlwind french-canadian French dictionary (which will be added to when I occasionally learn things... occasionally probably meaning never), bonne chance!

Pantoute = pas de tout
Placoter = discuter
Jaser = parler
Une brouse = une bierre
Une patate frite = les frites
Mon chum = mon copain
Ma blonde = ma copaine
Un char = une voiture
Etre sur son 36 = etre chic
Avoir le cœur gros = etre triste
Capoter = devenir fou
Magasiner = faire des courses
C’est tiguidou = c’est d’accord ou c’est parfait
Il mouille = il pleut
Se faire griller la couenne = se faire bronzer
C'est plate = c’est enuyant
Moi tou = moi aussi
Mettre le son dans l’tapis = mettre la musique a plein volume
Niaiser = faire l’imbecile
Prendre une marche = faire une ballade à pied
Quessé = que'est-ce que tu fais?
Avoir du fun = s'amuser
Astheur = a cette heure
C'est pas crayable = c'est pas croyable
C'est the top = on ne fait pas mieux
Un pitou = un chien
Canceller = annuler
Rusher = se depecher
Souper = repas du soir
En masse = beaucoup
Je suis mal pris = j'ai besoin d'aide
Un super patente = un super truc
Arret de nous bullshitter = ....
Shipper = envoyer
Aye! Le zouf = Un homme stupide
Pis = puis
Prendre ca cool = relaxe
Viens icitte = viens ici
Book-moe un vol rush rush (hehehe) = reserve-moi un vol vite vite

Ps, I just can't wait to get back to Bath and do a presentation and for everyone to turn around and go "she said what....."

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