Get the party started.....

Last Sunday was a wicked end to exams and a prefect start to autumn break. My flat mate took me out for dinner to her favourite Montreal esque restaurant so I could finally try a real poutine. Its "quintessential Canadian comfort food" that has only three ingredients; french fries, cheese curds and brown sauce, (not HP brown sauce, like sauce that was brown...hummmm kinda like gravy but not gravy...) I had tried it before, at a Quebec night at uni, and it had made me want to puke (do not trust the cooking abilities of HEChange alcoholic organisers) but Rhi told me that it's only good if you eat it in a proper place and I hate to admit it but she was right....such a goooood meal.

Apres the 1000000 million calory packed din we hit the club "Opera" for the immigrant end of exam party. I have to say that being a girl in this city is possibly the most amazing thing ever; not only do you get into these clubs for free but its open bar for zeeeee ladies so its like they are almost encouraging binge drinking and birds with beer bellies (I'm sure I saw that look in Vogue for spring/summer o8). Another class night with some amazing company :-)

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