Jealousy is a horrible predicament but one that I will welcome with open arms as I rub in the amazingness of our autumn break holiday in Cuba. 35 HEC immigrants on the lash in the Caribbean for a week in the sun, can you think of anything better...throw in all inclusive alcohol, the most beautiful beach in the world and a lot of laughter and it makes Lorna one very happy bunny.

Time was mostly spent rubbing in sun cream and laughing at Scarlett. It would now be easy to confuse Jenna for a black woman as she wins "best sun tan 2007" and we also celebrate the fact that I HAVE TAN LINES AND I DIDN'T BURN!! Which for me is normally impossible. Scarlett made friends with a cockroach (ewwwwww) and a crab that lived in our room ohhh and you cannot begin to imagine the comedy comments that were produced this week. Which brings me too my new blog feature:
  • Bob Marley is the lead singer of the pop group WetWetWet.
  • Tarmac doesn't exist. Instead roads are made of a substance called quick sand.

There were about 1 million more but when I come to write them down they vanish so Jenna and I are going to start carrying a note book round to capture in insanity.

We went to a wicked salsa club one night where the bar was so busy the only thing to do was to get 6 drinks at a time (Jenna...was that your idea...) anyway lets just say the night included a bunch of break dancing chavs from Manchester, a lot of bare foot grooving, and an embarrassing about of debauchery (Jenna...how many boys on a train....). Ohhh and someone chucked up but no comment who.

Apart from all of that we exploored some of the sourrounding coastline (so many amazing beautiful) with some very dodgy roads ohh and a few cities (Moron) but honestly sleeping on the beach all day was a welcome activity after the stress of exams.

All inclusive food is never a good idea for 3 Brits who consider themselves to be professional eaters at the best of times. "The night of two dinners" will probably become as famous as "The night of the long knives" in future years, purely for the fact that we still were not hungry 24 hours later. Then there was the waiter who thought we were alcoholics when we managed to sink about 5 bottles of wine between the 3 of us during dinner one night...ohhh and the waiter that Scarlett is going to marry so he can get his green card and then will move to Canada to live with here and "father many many babies." I could talk about the food for hours...and don't even get me started on the alcohol. The night of salsa debauchery racked up a drink total of over 30 sex on the beach EACH (and I wonder why we were ill) never mind the rest of the week, oh well we were getting our money's worth. Then there is the little tipple we brought back with us (a litre of rum for £2!!!!! and no it doesn't taste like rocket fuel) so it's nowhere near finished.

But now its back to work, I had a presentation this morning at 8.30 which is unearthly early after a week of alcohol abuse and now everyone is talking about exam results bla bla bla. Got so much already to do this week never mind making my Halllooowwweeeeeen costume which is going to be amazing if I don't say so myself.

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