Those of you who have spend xmas or Halloween chez moi (which to be fair in my crazy household means a fair majority of you) will know a few things. My mum hates christmas, so much so we have an easter tree instead, tinsel is baned and don't even get her started on the christmas lights that people drape their houses in. Mum isnt a scruge but we like to celebrate the less popular english traditions (ha), instead we have an easter tree and a lot of Halloween decorations. However, strangley enough we were never allowed to go "trick or treating" as kids because mum saw it as a medival form of begging...... Needless to say this week was freaking amazing for me, I've always wanted to spend Halloween in North America and I WAS NOT DISAPOINTED. Tuesday's Cafe Campus loving increased a lot when I saw how much effort they had gone to in decorations and then the party that some of the immigrants had was probally one of the best I've been to in Montreal, everyone had gone to soooo much effort with all the crazy costumes and decorations. Anyway the photos say far more than I ever could!

Ice skating on friday was brilliant and Heta tried to teach me to skate backwards lol but it wasn't really working very well haha but i can kinda cross my feet over now...sometimes!! Although I have to say it wasnt quite as fun without the shiny presence of Scarletttttttttt. Saturday was a wicked day in Ottawa spend (like the last time) eating my whole body weight in cakes, bevertails, popcorn and pretzels. Much fun and frolics was had with Greggers and Ann-Laure posing (again) with statues and some general photo loving. We were good little tourists and went for a tour round Parliament which I have to admit (quite geekily) I really enjoyed, and it was free hehe. Then Saturday night was a bit of "GO SENS GO" lovin' as we went to see the Ottawa Senators play Boston in an icehockey match. Conclusion = I am now almost a bigger icehockey fan than I am "normal" fieldhockey!! They get to have massive punch ups on the ice and the refs do pratically nothing to stop it, its wicked!! I remember the time I hit that guy when I was at school and Presh refused to play me for 1 month afterwards, I was born in the wrong country ;-)
The rest of my week was spend on the phone to england trying to fix my life!! I think im cursed as not only has my camera broken but my laptop too!! And I didn't realise how much I depended on either of them until they sissled and broke. Ohh and working, my god i hate group work!! Especially when my other group memeber leave the only non native french speaker to do all the work haha are they trying to fail or something....

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