I "heart" disco

Last night we went to a club called Opera to celebrate Thanksgiving with a bunch of immigrants (hehe when in Rome and all that). There was a serious lot of disco ball lovin.....can beat a good disco ball! Comme toujours it involved a fair amount of alcohol including the current favourite of the beer shooter (classy classy affair), Jenna makes a pretty good point: "We are alcoholic Brits who have no idea how to have a good time without getting wasted. Personally, I think it's a good thing." Ps if you notice the teetotalism didn't last that long, but I thought we could use the principal everything is good for you in moderation ;-)

Other than that I HAVE NOTHING TO TELL YOU, Scarlett has stopped saying funny things altogether, dam it, although she did accidental walk into a belly dancing class the other day and then ended up doing the class for 1 hour because she was too embarrassed to leave! Love you Scarlett.

I've really hurt my jaw (again) and have reverted back to the hamster-look-alike days. Kinda annoying but then 2 months of being here and no trouble until now...pretty good going for the girl who considers Hull Royal Infirmary her second home. The only thing about being back on a liquid diet is that you can still eat chocolate grrrrrrr! Bring on the pain relief.

Exam failure I sense is imminent...oh well at least I have a blog to illustrate to my demise.

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