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I’m feeling a wee bit academic aujourd’hui, I’ve just finished my midterm exams “intras” and I now have a full 2 weeks off school before I have to go back whoop whoop. This week is going to be coursework week and then la prochaine is CUBA CUBA CUBA!!!

Exams were ok ….. they are seriously a lot stricter here than anything in Bath, I remember trying to convince James to sit my French exam in first year and it would have actually been possible because you just go in, sit the exam and then walk out. At HEC however anal does not come close to describing it, they check your ID to see if you are the person that is really supposed to be there in that room and ur signature, Jenna had her calculator confiscated in a Maths exam because it wasn’t the correct one and they basically looked at every page in my dictionary to check that I hadn’t written anything in it. Ohhh and then there is the strange activity of timing you when you go to the toilet…hummm.

However all in all it’s probably a good thing that they are out of the way as I find myself doing very strange things during revision time. I not only watched Season 8 of America’s Next Top Model, but also season 5, 6, and 7, ohhh then season 1 and 2 of Britain’s Next Top Model. I also developed a werid obsession with looking at the most expensive items for sale on ebay, then there is the highly augmented facebook addition, the one tub of Ben and Jerry’s a day rule and the fact I spend about 22 hours a day in my pj’s.

Jenna was the hostess with the mostess on Saturday with a PaRtY chez elle. Red light bulbs à le Diable Vert set the scene which was accompanied with a good night of tequila frolics, firemen, Scarlett being hilarious, and a massive freak who wanted to know if I could get him in touch with some people from the IRA because he thought they looked like nice guys and he could learn some "tricks." WHATEVER! I also decided it was a good idea to try and fit through a broken window panel which was about the same size of my head…and I got stuck…thanks Michiel. Didn’t wake up with much of a hangover either :-)

The 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of october were designed to make me bankrupt!!! I’m missing four very important birthdays this week which sucks majorly; the bankrupcy kicks off with my scottish slaaaag Laura, then Chloe (my golfing superstar SJP clone of a sis), puis one of my oldest and best friends, Em, is 21 and finally my biatch of preference (Ollie) is 21 on the 20th. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hopefully they understand that 3000 miles of water makes it a little difficult to nip home and celebrate. It’s been an expensive week in airmail stamps!!! And please not I am not going tobe your friend if you birthday is on the 16th or the 21st :-).

The other night was also the relaunch of the culture vultureness; I went to an exposition for some of Alejandro’s photos, and I met….wait for it….someone who had not only heard of Yorkshire but had heard of Scarborough!! My god, there is a certain quality to a conversation when you don’t have to tell someone that Yorkshire is not a suburb of London and that no its not in Scotland and that no its not an island of the “coast of London.” Ohh and then there is that whole thing when they find out I’ve been to London like twice and their like “really” and I’m like “YES IM A COUNTRY GIRL” and they are like “you have countryside in England, I thought it was just like London.” Whilst we are on the topic of geographically challenged Canadians, I met a guy in a shop in Quebec when I was with my Scottish friend who was like “I love your accents are you Australian” my response, after the hysterics had subsided, was no, I’m English and she’s Scottish. We should have seen the warning light flashing violently right then and there as the conversation progressed…..

Geographically challenged man: Scotland….is that a country?
Dawn : Yes it is a country, its above England
Geographically challenged man: Oh ok!
(slight pause where you could actually hear the cogs in his head turning)
Geographically challenged man: Are you sure its above England, I though that was Ireland?!
Dawn: No No I’m quite sure it’s above England, Ireland is to the left, it’s actually island.
Geographically challenged man: Ireland is and island, wow next thing you’ll be telling me that England is an island as well.
(confused look on my face, interpreted by geographically challenged man)
Geographically challenged man: You mean England is an island too, I thought it was joined onto France?

And Canada considers itself to be a developed nation?

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