I like the ladies

Soooo I had a lovely birthday meal with the girls (Dawn, Scarl, Bianca and Jen) on Thursday followed by cocktails at Jello (a bar lit only by lava lamps). We went to Nuevo, this amazing tapas restaurant on Mont Royal and the food was SOOOOOOOOO good, sometimes I can't believe how much I eat over here! Some lovely pressis from the family and the girls (thanks lots and lots), ice skating at Parc La Fontaine and some retail therapy = a nice day all round. The real party takes place on March 14th when Jenna and I are having our joint birthday extravaganza at the Quebecois bar Les Deux Pierrots (we had to postpone because of midterms and spring break) so you're welcome to come however I think for some it might be a little tooooo far.

Then last night we took advantage of Bianca's Lonely Planet guide book and did Montreal the way the experts tell you to. Lesbianism was the theme as we embarked on our night out in The Village (the gay quarter). 2 litres of wine, karaoke, and a 7 story gay bar equipped with in store hairdresser produced a wicked night of laughing, posing and debauchery. Needless to say I fell a little rough today and I am left with the eternal horror of the below video (yes that is me singing NOT someone murdering a cat).

I'M GOING TO FLORIDA TOMORROW FOR SPRING BREAK WHOOP WHOOP so I'll speak to you next when I'm tanned and full of gossip.

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