La vie

I really start to wonder about my life when an average week entails going to a drag queen club, singing a solo in a gay karaoke bar, drinking the March supply of Montreal's Molson beer, wearing sun glasses at night and not making it into bed every night before 4am. Then I remember that I live in the most amazing city on planet earth and why would an average week be any different ;-)

Tuesday was probably the last Cafe Campus I'll EVER go to (sobsobsob). Work is increasing dramatically and exams are looming so the reality of Tuesday nights spent in a retro 80's night club are diminishing. However I hope it's not really the last Cafe Campus in my whole life because obviously Jenna and I will be making a yearly trip to mecca (Montreal) when we return home in June.

Then Bianca joined the old folks (ie Lorna) in turning 22 on Thursday. She has exactly 3 days left before she finds her first grey hair and life as she knows it ends. However we celebrated in style with a night of fried chicken at St Hubert, drag queens at Cafe Cleopatra and karaoke in the Village. The drag queens were wicked (as usual) and as the guys struggled to know where to look, Bianca speculated on where exactly "she" had placed her you know what. They did all the usual Celine classics and vamped it up to the max ohhhh and there was also an emotional rendition of Bleeding Love (just for Jenna). Then at karaoke, Bianca did her usual amazing rendition of All By Myself (eat your heart out Bridget Jones) fully complemented with squats and an emotional eyes closed moment, and I had my solo karaoke debut singing a bit of ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimme. We ended up home at 4am and understandably that didn't agree terrible well with my 8am CSR class.

This weekend is probably going to be the last Ski Saturday this winter because (are you ready for it...............) MONTREAL IS WARMING UP!!! This past week has almost been pleasurable, I've warn something other than my ski jacket for the first time since November and yes it's not exactly hot (maybe around 3 degrees) but it's still a dam sight warmer than January's -20 temperatures. Here is to bikini's next weekend :-D xxx

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