So this one time my mum was beaten by a one armed lady in a tennis match. Yesterday I was overtaken on a ski slope by a man with two fake legs! Yes we are a family of extremely high over achievers ;-)

Yesterday's ski Saturday took us back to heaven (aka Mont Tremblant). This being the place I learnt to ski, I subsequently can't get enough of it. It was always going to be a strange day due to the weather forecast but I never imagined it quite like this! IT WAS 14 DEGREES ON THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!! The first time I skied there it was -34 and now it decides to go bleeding tropical on us! I skied in a t-shirt which for me was a totally foreign concept as normally I live in THE coldest country on earth. However it appears (for now) that summer has arrived. I find this rather ironic as at weekend the UK was covered in snow after freak April snow storms - maybe the snow is trying to follow me home?

Skiing was great although the conditions were really weird - it was sooooooooo slushy and wet because of the sunshine. However then came my kamikaze mission of skiing down a piste with only one ski! I don't really know what happened...maybe my boot wasn't correctly clicked in but anyway the next thing I know I'm flying down this mountain on one ski and then I'm in a heap at the bottom surrounded by first aiders. On the way down I'd managed to lose my other ski and ski paraphanelia like my gloves, goggles and glasses. Needless to say it hurt, A LOT, and I am now sitting here writing this as the official medial description of a cripple! My leg is black and bruised and I have to turn my whole body round if I want to look at something behind or next to me as I cannot turn my head ohh and I'm sporting a seriously sexy limp.

After such an amazing day it's hard to imagine not being able to go back however the season is basically over and conditions will only get worse with the sunshine. We did attempt some apres ski afterwards, however it appeared that our defition of partying was lying on Jenna's sofa watching cage fighting drinking coke. Nice times nice times!!!

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