There are certain things that I am just not supposed to do and over the last few days I have discovered something else that should be added to the list; KITE FLYING. On Sunday morning we headed down to the beach equipped with numerous dangerous pieces of flying equipment, I really don't understand how Mary Poppins made it look soooo easy because after precisely 30 seconds I had almost decapitated a 7 year old and reeked havoc over a village of sandcastles which had previously taken 1 hour to construct. Charlotte and I are now friends again however only as long as I promise never to go near her whilst wielding some strings and nylon.

The rest of Vancouver went by in a blur of Louise's home brewed beer and wine (massively lush)with the additional highlight of the FIRST YORKSHIRE PUDDING CONSUMPTION IN OVER 11 MONTHS during Sundays roast dinner. Monday was spend shopping Downtown and wandering round all the different neighborhoods of Vancouver. I met up with Jen and Graham (a friend from Montreal) for a cheeky beverages (or more precisely a few pitchers of cheeky beverages) before having an amazing last meal with the family on Granville Island.

Stanley Park, UBC (University of British Columbia), the beaches argggg all of it was amazing but it wasn't Montreal and with every day that goes by I realise that I miss "home" so much and do not want to go back to England. I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have been born on the wrong continent.

Having had a wicked time in Vancouver with the family I found myself on a boat to Vancouver Island on Tuesday afternoon. The 1.5 hour crossing from Twasawan to Horse Shoe Bay was beautiful as the boat weaved between all the different islands. Following a 1 hour bus down into the heart of Victoria we settled in at out hostel just time time for a bottle of wine, some clam chowder and a few pints of beer.

Our first day in Victoria was AMAZING as we went on a whale watching trip all around the southern and western coast of Vancouver Island. Having been suited up in the most hilarious bright yellow all-in-one fisherman's outfits (and posing for the usual facebook profile picture) we went off on our tiny tiny inflatable boat (just like the ones Blue Peter always made you raise money for). Four hours later we had seen Bald Headed eagles, Porpoises, Sea Lions, Seals and also we had tracked a family of orcas for over an hour. It was soaking and cold but I massively loved the fact I'd managed to see Killer Whales in the wild. They were beautiful and soooo close, I think I'm still smiling. After the boat ride we wandered all around the harbour and ate fish and chips next to the seagulls (Jen like usual was freaking out cos she hates big birds). Then we managed to squeeze in a hilarious (free) tour round the Parliament buildings before returning home for a few beverages in the evening sun.

I "heart" Canada!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Luna

Glad you enjoyed the Whales. If you could spend a bit longer on the Left Coast it may start to compete with Montreal for your affections.

Please don't add kite surfing to your 101 things to do list!

Anonymous said...

cant let you do anything lorna, you total spec

Amin said...

Hi Lorna,

Montreal isn't the same wothout you! We (I!!!!!) miss you and Jenna. Please come back "home" as soon as you can. The bar at "La Distillerie" is waiting for you. I just can't get enough of your blog...


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