Mountain Dew

I've never been good on boats (there was a very dodgy experience on a school trip to Spain in 6th form when I'd cleverly drunk half a bottle of vodka before we sailed and needless to say I was never really the same after the 13 hour roller coaster crossing) THUS I was a bit scared of the prospect of so many boats around Victoria and also the clipper ferry we would be taking to Seattle. Apparently (and I don't want to speak too soon) I am cured miraculously from my seasickness however I will never go to an IMAX ever again. The massive screen and the fact I thought I was flying into it totally made me want to vom (ewwwwwwwww) however the Tour de France film was actually quite good (yes Ollie you read correctly, I paid to go to the cinema to see a bike film however don't kid yourself that its frequently going to happen next year).

I can't remember where I left you but we're now in Seattle and have finally left Canada (the wonder land) behind. We have walked for literally days and days (Jenna reckons more in the last 24h than she has in her whole life) and virtually circled the whole city. The Space Needle was a tourist must see however then we "hiked" up Queen Anne Hill to look over the whole city and admire all the amazing million dollar houses. We went to the trendy Fremont area to spy on the massive troll carved out from beneath the mountain side, looked for Meg Ryan's houseboat a la "Sleepless in Seattle" and then ended up at Hooters (yes we are classy...and STRAIGHT) for some excessive afternoon happy hour drinking.

We met some amazing old people on the boat to Seattle who talked us through all the sites and gave us tips for some good restaurants (one of which, a Greek one, will be tried tonight). For those of you that don't know I TOTALLY LOVE OLD PEOPLE and was consequently engrossed in their conversation about roof fires, camera lenses and waterproof jackets. We decided that we want them to come to Las Vegas with us because they were pretty much living legends (one of them liked pina coladas at 11am when she was on the cruise boats) however sadly they have previous engagements.

The freak count is also on the rise. Our first real freak encounter was a guy in our Victoria Hostel; marine biologists are now on the list of people to avoid as he proceeded to tell us information even your closest friends needn't know. In addition apparently we shouldn't get any weed of men in Calgary hostels (looooooooser) yet there was no chance of him pouncing on either of us as basically his introductory sentence was "Hi I'm Colin, don't worry I'm not trying to chat you up, I'm gay." Way to make a lady feel special.

Ahhhhh and finally the best thing about having entered "the land of the free" (apart from the augmented risk of getting stabbed, raped or shot) is that we can now consume Mountain Dew to the max. Having discovered the Mountain Dew and Vodka combo on Spring Break we were most happy to return back to our drinking habits of former months and drink ourselves into giggle stupors. For those of you who haven't had the joy of sampling Mountain Dew, its like Red Bull on speed with about 10 times the amount of caffeine. You better watch out. xxx

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Ollie said...

Tour de France film, in iMAX, in Canada. I'm not speaking to you for a month! grrrrr

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