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The point of me starting this blog was to help me remember Canada and if I’m honest gloat about the coolness of it all but weirdly since returning home at the start of the summer I’ve really missed writing it. So at least until my fourth year work load makes me want to cry and abandon academia forever I’m going to quite happily continue to twitter away.

Summer was great; I spent a few months working in Italy with some old friends (whilst also acquiring some great new ones) and the rest was belated family time spent either on Gozo or in the UK where my house went through a huge upheaval/rebuild and is almost finally finished after what seems like years or builders and plasterwork.

Having been back in Bath for a few weeks now the reality of the next 30 something weeks is now beginning to hit home. Work might actually have to take place this year, SHITTER! At least for the first time at Bath I’m enjoying my courses; massively geeking it up with “Thinking About Sustainability” whereby we’re challenged to think whether “we” have to choose between economics and the environment and there is a huge about of credit crunch chatter in my other politics and economics modules which is so interesting but kinda overwhelming.

Being back is great however Jenna and I probably spend far too much time talking about Canada and are even going to attempt to make poutine tomorrow evening in ode of all the good times in Montie. My house is really quirky and so close to town but living with Ollie, KT and Harry is soon going to have its drawbacks as we constantly seem to be consuming tea, cake and wine.

I've got friends from Italy, Canada and then my sister coming to stay over the next few weeks which is going to mean lots of parties and tourism; it's not quite my exchange again but its going to be just as fun. Until next time...


Ann-Laure said...

Did you plan some tourism with old good friends of Canada without me !!!! ?????
i am jealous ....

adieu ;-)


Moi - Luna said...

pas de tout ma belle, c'est une amie quebecoise qui va rester pour le week-end parce qu'elle fait un exchange au danemark!! ma porte est toujous ouverte pour toi ;-) xx

Ann-Laure said...

Ok tes collocs ont l'air sympathique et tu commences à me manquer serieusement ; donc oui, je vais réfléchir à venir te visiter ...:-)
bisous ma belle

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