Its been exactly four months and 16 days since I left Montie, consequently its four months and 15 days since I ate my last poutine. Well people, you will be pleased to discover that the drought is over. One rainy and dull Sunday afternoon triggered the culinary adventure (via Sainsbury's) to recreate one of Quebec's finest inventions. If Jen and I can't be in Canada then Canada will have to come to us.

There was never really any hope that we were going to find cheese curds in England so we had to settle for mozzarella but compensatory Oreo's made up for the lack of squeaky cheese. Flour, milk, Tabasco, oil, chicken stock and seasoning are apparently your basic poutine sauce ingredients .... here goes nothing!

After 40 minutes of careful and loving stirring the poutine sauce finally looked a little less like baby vomit and more like we remembered. Poured over the chips and mozzarella with a few beers to wash it down you could been forgiven for mistaking my living room for the famous Banquise restaurant.

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