I'm starting to sound a little Montreal obsessed. I sincerely apologise. This will be the last post that mentions it for a while, PROMISE. But one of my Quebecois friends from exchange made a brief 24 hours visit to the St James basement flat this week so I kinda have to mention the Q, the C or the M word.

Jenna and I met Bich in a Canadian superstore when I was yelling the death exclusion clauses on slides (or if we are being American; sleds) to Jen who was two isles over trying on ice skates. Apparently we were funny and our accents more so and we hit it off.

Food was a main theme; in fact it kinda tends to be a major theme for me at the moment. I think I was mainly trying to see how many cups of tea I could force down her throat in 24 hours; turns out quite a few. And I must have converted her because she headed back with a box of 80 Yorkshire tea bags in hand which she purchased of her own accord :-) Apart from food we managed a trip to the Royal Bath's and engaged the usual Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage spotting in The Circus and Royal Crescent. And before I could muster up a "tabernac" she was off on the train to explore London.

Jen and I have promise to make a trip to Copenhagen before Christmas where she is currently on exchange, so watch this space because my passport might be getting abused sooner than first thought...

On a completely random tangent, I really really need a hair cut.

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