Not really doing much at the moment as I'm moving to the south of France 1 week today and everything is on the wind down. I'm just making lists and lists of lists I need to make (I like lists, almost as much as I like packing, ohhhh and tea) and collating every item of stripy clothing I own and red berrets in order to look as French as possible. So her is a few things I've been diggin' of late. Fun times fun times.

Macaroons from Ladurée, especially Rose flavour, thanks Harrods!

Jeans with kickass patches


Beer in my garden in the afternoon sun

Evening walks on Bridlington beach


yiqin; said...

The patches on the jeans are super rad :)

melly said...

ack those CDG shoes are AWESOME beyond words!!!

Eliza said...

thank you so much for the comment dear :)
those shoes are so funny! :) <3

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I want those macaroons!! So yum!


Gabbi said...

Lovely post! Now please pass me a macaroon... :)

Amelia said...

I would kill for a macaroon right now. They're so pretty! I love the knee patches, too.

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