Looking at me looking at you

Whooooza this past month has just been mental and I have no idea where to start or what the very random photos of my friends taking photos of me taking photos of them has anything to do with the uneducated ramblings of this post. Anyhow my current place of residence is Aix en Provence, a small spa town in the south of France. I'm working very little, drinking lots of coffee and wearing stripped tees like a good french lady would. I've signed up to a photography course so that I can finally learn how to use my beast of a camera (allbeit in French) and am taking modern and african dance lessons (yes watching me dance is really as hilarious as you think it might be). Hope to share lots more photos and anecdotes when I've finally got settled and into a normal routine so until then my friends.

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melly said...

What a great opportunity! Photography and dancing lessons :] I hope you learn a lot and make great friends while at it, great memories too!

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