France rocks. And don't say I told you so. Its October and its 26 degrees. I work 12 hours a week for a freaking huge money to work ratio. My photography course is the hardest thing I’ve done in a long long time but I love the fact I find it challenging. I can buy wine in the supermarket that doesn’t taste like feet for 1 Euro. AND wait for it ... frenchies think I’m Quebecois when I open my mouth (well like 3 have said I speak a bit like a drunk Grandpa which totally translates as Quebecois to me) and believe me this makes me happier than any of the preceding statements. HOWEVER despite the current love of frog land and all frogs that live there, slightly missing certain things. For example :

I miss tofu and lentils. Being a vegi sucks in France. Hummm “bah ouiiiii you are a
vegetarienne but you eat chicken non!?”
Ermm let me think about this for a second, ermmm NO!


Alcohol ... self imposed midweek tee-totalism sucks


And the rest. Self explanitory surely?

My sanity... I now understand why all my teachers were nuts :-)


Jen said...

you're in france yet you miss champagne?

A Decadent Thing said...

i love all the photographs you post on your blog (:


Luna : said...

jenpen i'm on a self imposed midweek alcohol ban, they give us wine with dinner lunch and FREAKIN breakfast, unlimited quantities!!! and as much as i admired professor trelawny in harry potter i dont want to become a 23yr old version of her. nice nice liver

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