In a new light

Today “club photo” (as my prof likes to call it) was drastically easier than previous sessions but mainly because I didn’t really touch my camera and instead had to be the subject. Despite the fact I’m lacking a photographic gene (my sister took it all god dam her) I can be a good poser when necessary (mainly when copious amounts of cheap corner shop alcohol have been consumed). BUT seriously having 8 Nikon/Canon zoom lenses thrust in your face was a hell of a lot more soul bearing than I though. There was defiantly nowhere to hide, especially when you have climbed a tree so they can take photos of you pretending to be part squirrel and part English teacher.


Isabel said...

Damn, you've got yourself some cool looking shoes there!

Jen said...

may i say that is a lovely french scarf you are wearing

Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous photos. I love that you're up in a tree.


Amelia said...

Cool pictures! I love the light through the leaves :)

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