Family day

The major reason for the return for my Christmas spirit was because of family day. An afternoon organised by the military school for all employees and their families. Champagne, chocolate, presents, clowns, and a photoshoot with Santa organised by the photo club ... what better recipy for Christmas spirit, especially when you are drinking on Ministry of Defense alcohol at 2pm in the afternoon hehe.

The last four months in frog land have been kickass, mainly due to the following two groups of people, my strange and abstract international family of roommates, and the photo club. I'm missing off a wicked group of people (Fal, Rach, Adam, Rob etc you know who you are) but I don't have a dodgy photo of them being groped by Santa and you know how much I like continunity.

Photo credit : Muriel and Chloe


melly said...

Drunk at 2PM is epic, your days sound fun!!

& I love your shoesies.

Luna : said...

melly it's shamefull ... but also kinda epic hehe

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