Weekend from heaven

I've just spent the most idyllic weekend at a place called Ensues la Redonne which is a little village on the Mediterranean coast not a stones throw from Marseilles. The place had a wall to ceiling glass wall overlooking the sea and was simply stunning. We spent out time on the balcony wrapped up against the Mistral wind drinking coffee, eating great food and walking on the beach gathering firewood. Add in a few bottles of wine, fish pie made with scallops and prawns, fairy lights and a roaring open fire that two girls managed to light (yes it appears that Alice and I are not as special as first thought) it was pretty much perfection. OR WAS IT? We also managed to jam the horn on the car so it was blaring for a good 30 mins in the centre of Aix at a pitch that hurt even the ears of a dog before three very very nice mechanics decided to screw the bottom off our brand new Ford car in order to disconnect the battery and the horn. (WOW that was a long sentence) Then the clutch decided to burn out on a very very very nasty hilly road by the sea and Alice's parents got snowed in and couldn't leave England to join us in the gite. Despite the horrible twist to the weekend I hope Alice managed to have fun in our heaven by the sea.

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Amelia said...

This sounds and looks fantastic!

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