I have been living a double life for the past few weeks; splitting my time between my southern ginger nut and my French militaires. I like living chez Alice, she brings me tea, encourages extreme eating and makes it acceptable to drink wine at lunchtime. Yum yum yum. Thanks for being such a sport Fal!!!


Jen said...

can't believe you sushi cheated on me. i take comfort in the fact it's (presumably) not from wakamono/sushi shop/place below san fran hostel/YOY AT 3AM!!

Luna : said...

jenpen it was only once ... and i swear alice held a gun to my head and made me eat the rather nice sashimi and i didnt really enjoy it ... despite the fact i ate my half and then finished up alices because she couldnt finish it ... not very convincing am i ... should have just gone for the 'im conducting some market research so we will only eat kickass sushi when you arrive in aix' response.

ohhh and i miss 3am sushi, especially when we get hungry in the middle of a night out, go and eat sushi, and then go back to the nightclub. fun times

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