I'm currently reading a series of books called Le Petit Nicolas. It's not exactly War and Peace ... as theoretically speaking it is a kids book ... BUT dudes, its genius! Detailing the life of a 7-year-old Parisian boy, it captures the imagination of any child with its mini anecdotes of adventures and practical jokes carried out by Nicolas and his friends, playing upon the longwinded and magical story-telling habits possessed by children. Yet, on the other hand, adults are drawn into the books' more subtle humour as Nicolas frequently exposes the flaws of adult perception with his untarnished and simple view on the world. In layman's terms; its like a French ogreless version of Shrek. Is it wrong that it makes me want to be a boy in 1950's France with a kickass briefcase, shorts and knee socks? Probably! But then again I don't really care :-)

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