J'aime celui qui rêve l'impossible (Goethe)

I only have 6 weeks left of my current work contract and I hadn't thought about it until my dad did that great dad routine of asking me what I was going to do next. So now I'm freaking out and decided that a bit of poetic self reflection should take place ... humm queue massive amounts of procrastination. OH and you know what the most frustrating thing is, I can't even escape to the pub cos I've given up alcohol for Lent. Bah error!


Anonymous said...

come visit me please. then we can run away to mtl together yar?

Joezehh said...

instead of giving stuff up for lent, you can take up hobbies and things too. that way you gain stuff without making jesus (or yourself) cry! yay!
i love all your photographs. jealous of the big ol' camera.
x x x x x

selina said...

wow I like this collection of 'reflections' it's pretty! and it's funny you're doing some real reflection on what to do next, cause me too!

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