Back to basics

I've just finished my first roll of film since I abandoned what my auntie would call my only real camera over 6 years ago and although at times I got seirously fustrated with it I dont think I've ever been that excited waiting to see how my photos turned out. (WOW that was a long sentence ... English teacher fail!) These are the first three shots of the lycée school ski trip to Puy St Vincent. Seriously great skiski antics.


melly said...

The first photo, LOVE IT!

Btw, how does one pronounce lycee? We have a tropical fruit here called lychee and it's pronounced lie-chee. Was wondering!

Luna : said...

melly, its pronounced "lee say" and its like the french equiv of High School (ages 15 to 18), the french always have to make stuff mre complicated :-D

and talking of lychee's, i love them, but i always manage to hurt the tips of my fingers trying to open the little buggers

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