When can we emigrate?

(Second photo here)

So the February school holidays have finished after a whirlwind of skiing and French tourism and to add a perfect end to a perfect holiday I've spent the day at Fal and Rach's where we made a huge family brunch (picture eggs, sausages, bacon, beans, toast, marmite, jam, juice, coffee etc) so my extended dysfunctional (and obviously much loved) group of friends could all met up after our two weeks apart to share stories, eat, drink and laugh. Hummmm ... despite the fact France is where I want to be right now; I can't help but feel terribly Canadsick deep down. Suppose you never really get over your first love ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

this post makes me want to cry a little bit. one day we WILL go back xxxx

Luna : said...

you promise ??

Anonymous said...

of course i promise - i've asked you about a million times! SET A DATE!

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